4 club fountain with a club balanced on the head records

4 club solo records
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RecordWho byDate
114 catches Felix Juggler2018-04-30
51 catch Ludvig Landgren2020-02-27

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RecordWho byDate
51 catch Ludvig Landgren2020-02-27
49 catches Ludvig Landgren2020-02-24
32 catches Ludvig Landgren2020-02-20
25 catches Ludvig Landgren2019-12-09
22 catches Ludvig Landgren2019-05-23
11 catches Ludvig Landgren2019-04-28
5 catches Ludvig Landgren2018-09-28
4 catches Ludvig Landgren2018-09-25
114 catches Felix Juggler2018-04-30Watch video
100 catches Felix Juggler2018-04-25
20 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-26