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Jamie -

A juggling video I made this summer https://youtu.be/qRNlovT1ZfQ
Thanks for checking it out!

7b_wizard -

Thought of the Day

Today, I had the thought - like it were my own, but it isn't - that ..

.. ..   ..  for improving, you have to take risks.

It's nothing new, though, and appears as "leaving your comfort zone" [ e.g. Bear Grylls ] in order to 'grow', ripen, develop, evolve, conquer new horizons, get past your limits(!).

I had that thought on the occasion of my today's good phase for 9b flashing about to begin, when, trying to launch to keep the pattern near myself ( no throws ahead - one current issue among others ) blundered into only like two-three gathers ( which isn't at all too rare ) with great spread and a ball or two going behind me.
Such attempts, and balls going behind me out of control, even out of sight, would normally urge to throw further ahead again ( and never behind me ), but such attempts are what bring me to better control over my frontplane, so they're what I need to 'risk', sacrificing an erroneous feeling of control by having all balls within my visual range, and indeed blundering at first, but just like that then finding into better form, posture, way of doing,.

Innumerous other examples can be found, e.g. 'risking' to do too wide and out of reach when exploring your controllable range of width, e.g. 'risking' to get hit by a club in passing or combat, focussing on in that moment a wrong thing ( but then maybe is part of learning a right timing ), generally 'risking' to lose control when trying sth new, ..

But not any learning in general works necessarily like that, .. some things allow for no error, no risk at all, some can be learned without risking anything and simply doing it all right right from the beginning.

[ I'm not sure if this is an insight' tht leads anywhere or just futile 'gibberish' .. I'll drop it here anyway :o) .. ] #ThoughtOfTheDay #learningTheory

Andy -

Hello, my name is Andy and I was an old regular on rec.juggling about 10 years ago. I'm getting back into the juggling world and am in Danbury, CT, USA. We're just starting up a juggling club and are holding our first local juggle jam on October 5th with hopes to grow it into something more over the next few years. Happy to be back!

7b_wizard - - Наверх

Cool :o)

Mike Moore - - Наверх

Welcome back! Happy to hear of another club sprouting up.

Greg Mills -

Lake Norman Jugglers is closed until further notice. Thank you to Bill and Irl for keeping the club going for all these years. #lakenormanjugglers

The Void - - Наверх

Always sad to hear of another club closing.

ObJugglingEdge: There doesn't seem to be a way of searching for a club by its name, rather than its location. For example, if I knew of a club called Altern8, but didn't know which part of the world it was in, how do I find it within jugglingedge.com?

david - - Наверх

duckduckgo (or google) altern8 site;jugglingedge.com

david - - Наверх

oops site:jugglingedge.com

The Void - - Наверх

Good point. That works, in a roundabout way. Thanks.

Dropped Again -

Hello all. I can do juggle two balls, but have never managed to do three for more than a catch or two, hence the user name. But I do like watching other people do it..

Living in Newark meant I saw a couple of bits of the EJC 2019. Sadly, I was coming back from an event I help organise on the Sunday, so I missed the parade.

The Sunday evening fire show was ok - the issues with the sound did not help. Some of the acts didn't make me gasp either. A poi.. on fire! A staff.. with a firework on the end!! Or both ends!!! But it was often visually great.

Before it started, I could see someone practice with their equipment not on fire (the pair of staffs on fire on both ends?) behind the stage and they had rather a lot of drops, but performed it fine on stage.

I had the opportunity to see something midweek, but again other things got in the way. Grrr.

I did get to see the Gala as a guest and have been looking for something that had the line up - I can find some names, but not all of them: is that published anywhere?

I liked the afternoon show so much I went home, got a different lens for the camera (I'd brought one for being 'big top' away from the action to the afternoon), and came back to see the evening one.

Compere, ??: fine.

First act, Matthew Tiffany: I'll be surprised if he's not normally a street performer. It was fine, but I would also be surprised if a chunk of the audience couldn't do everything he did.

Second act, Florence Huet: balancing the rings as she moved around is presumably rather harder than she made it look? Very elegant.

Third act, ??: I really liked the science + juggling material, but I suspect you needed to be closer to the stage - and interested in the science side - to fully appreciate it. My partner didn't, but by the end I was reminded about how a fuel cell works. By jugglers!

Fourth act, ??: the main bit was the big ring, with some balancing and dancing thrown in. I thought was ok, my partner liked them much more.

Fifth act. Masayuki Furuya: some of the best plate work I've ever seen, with some lovely stage presence. He got easily the best reaction from the audience, which I happily joined in with, but interestingly my partner wasn't that impressed.

Sixth act, Sylvia Rosat and Bobby Scala: crack, crack, crack goes the whip, but there's a reason she's dressed like that - it's not otherwise a visual act. Especially with the lighting in the evening.

Seventh act, ??: the bar routine was fine, but none of it made me gasp. I did like the 'the bottle and glass stay stationary, but the hands holding them change, by the end rapidly' bit.

Eighth act, Thom Wall: the lens change meant I could see how impressive some of his balancing was. Interestingly, he failed to pull off one bit in the afternoon - the move of the ball from something balanced on his chin to one balanced on his forehead - and didn't retry it, whereas everyone else did a (single) repeat of their drops. I do have a shot of the final routine when it went wrong (both balloons bursting) in the evening - not mentioned in the "The trick worked both times" bit of his blog! - and he did repeat that.

There was an interesting difference in the atmosphere between the two shows. The lighting didn't make much difference in the afternoon (natural light swamped it) and should been better in the particular places in the evening. I was also near to someone who spent much of their time being rude about the quality of the acts in the evening, although they did shut up during the plates and the final act...

So it was great, and I wish I could have seen more of it.

I am aware that not everyone thought so - in the evening, I was standing next to someone who was making derogatory comments about nearly all of the acts. They did shut up during Masayuki Furuya and Thom Wall's acts though!

Mike Moore - - Наверх

I wrote them down with delusions of being like Jon Peat:
Florence Huet (Hoops)
Ben and Fred (Science-related act)
Swing Circus (dancey, cyr wheel, hand balancing)
Masa (spinning plates)
Synthia (rapid whips)
Shake down (flair bartending, mixed with hand balancing)
Thom Wall (balancing, and did a two health bars finish with the balloon pop.)
MC: Dan Holzman

Thom! - - Наверх

Hey there!

You're right! I totally biffed the balance transfer trick in the first show. When the winds picked up and they decided to move the gala show to the main hall, the ball I normally use for that trick was lost in the shuffle somehow... I had to borrow one of Tiff's balls last minute! His ball was a little smaller in diameter than the one I normally use... I trained the trick a few times before the show (all super last minute) and it seemed to work well -- but when I got on stage... muscle memory took over. As you can imagine, it's a super delicate trick to pull off, and a slight change in diameter of the ball can throw everything off. Between shows, I spent about an hour breaking down the technique and re-learning it with a smaller ball. Didn't want to waste everyone's time with me missing it a second time (or third. or fourth) in the first show. Such is life and live performance!

And, yeah... totally screwed up the double balloon in the second show on that first attempt. That's a really young trick for me (EJC was literally the first time I've put it on stage!) -- that was an error in preparation on my part... dragged the balloon along the edge of the knife when setting it up! Ah well. Still a beautiful trick, and I'm really pleased that I was able to execute the trick on the second attempt!

Glad to know Masa and I were spared by the hecklers during the show! Phew!

mike.armstrong - - Наверх

Matthew Tiffany: I'll be surprised if he's not normally a street performer. It was fine, but I would also be surprised if a chunk of the audience couldn't do everything he did.

You should be doubly surprised then!! He's one of very few people in the world who can do most of those tricks

Welcome aboard - hopefully we'll see you around more now that you've had a taste of juggling fests

Frankie -

I want to get new clubs because the one I have at the moment are my brother's old broken ones. dose anyone have any advice on which ones to get.

Daniel Simu - - Наверх

Get yourself some good ones, they will last a lifetime and make juggling much more fun!

Are you based in Europe? Then any club from Henrys (I recommend loop or pirouette) or Play (px3) will do! Any other brand is likely to disappoint you at some point...

Good luck!

Adam Hellman - - Наверх

I recommend the Henry delfins they aren't to expensive and will last a long time. They are one of the most popular clubs especially with newer jugglers because of the price and are really durable. J haven't heard about anyone not liking them

pumpkineater23 -

A Ukrainian boxer called Lomachenko is fighting this weekend (I think). I watched a few of his fights, he's truly amazing. His opponents literally give up. Apparently he's the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Incredible speed and timing but it's his footwork that separates him from the rest. He was taken out of boxing by his father to study Ukrainian traditional dancing. He's known as 'The Matrix' because he seems to disappear around his opponent and then instantly reappear in a different position. Anyway, I just noticed that juggling is part of his training. Four balls, overheads and his favorite trick.. of course.. Box.


Mike Moore - - Наверх

I am so happy right now. Thank you for posting this.

Mike Moore - - Наверх

Note: very loud at end

Orinoco - - Наверх

That's a sloppy pattern.

I'd never tell him that to his face though obviously...

Frankie -

Hi, I'm new here. I'm trying to get five balls but my 4th and 5th throws I do as 4s any advice?

7b_wizard - - Наверх

Hi there, Frankie. We should find out why you get fountain throws - do you do 4b fountain a lot, for example? Are you hasting the last throws after a too low launch, or alike? And, are those maybe rather straight up columns than inside-->outside fountain throws, kind 'a getting up rid of those two last balls, just to have them done (without aiming at all)?

Cedric Lackpot - - Наверх

Try throwing the first five throws but don't catch them. When you don't have to worry about catching you can concentrate more on the throws.

Frankie - - Наверх

thanks for the advice I'll try it

Maria - - Наверх

Hi Frankie!
I am also working on 5 balls.
If you do unintentional fountain throws, it's probably because your hand is already moving outwards to catch the ball that's coming down. So... Either you need to release the ball a bit earlier, or you need more time before the catch, or you are moving your hand outwards earlier than you have to.
Things you could try would be: Throw higher to get more time, focus on an even throwing rhythm (make sure you don't have to rush the last throws), do the exercise that Cedric suggested, focus on the throws. I also found that sometimes shifting the main focus from the peaks of the orbits (where I usually focus) to a rather low crossing point helps me get the balls to cross.

Scott Vranesh-Fallin -

Hi. My name is Scott Vranesh-Fallin and I am an amatuer juggler in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I first learned to juggle three balls by way of "Juggling for the Complete Klutz". I have been away from juggling for several years and have recently returned to it. I am working on the basic 3-ball cascade again, with bean bags, over the bed.

I look forward to learning from you all. Thanks for having me!

7b_wizard - - Наверх

Hi & welcome, Scott.

Maria - - Наверх

Hi Scott, welcome to the Edge!

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