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barnesy -

Siteswap Explorer app

My free juggling app Siteswap Explorer for iPhone and iPad has just gone live on the App Store.
Get it here: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/siteswap-explorer/id1549451272

Sorry Android/web app fans: I wanted an Apple app project. Other platforms aren’t on my radar at the moment!

The app is all about using siteswap rules to derive other siteswaps. You don’t type stuff in, you just press buttons to manipulate the numbers. The app will only give you the buttons that apply to the current siteswap. There are no wrong answers: you can just tap around whether you understand the theory or not!

Here's a quick video of some of the app's features in action: https://youtu.be/eT0SDcKKtbs

The app’s very much a work in progress. It does most of the things I initially wanted it to do but I have a big list of things to add and improve. A more immediate and intuitive user interface for swaps is high on that list! It would be great for me to get some feedback, which may help to steer me on the next changes.

The app can do the following operations...

From buttons on the main screen:
- add an object by adding 1 to all throws
- subtract an object by subtracting 1 from all throws
- increase a throw by adding the siteswap’s period to it, so you get something like the last pattern but with an extra ball popping out
- decrease by period (reverse of that)
- delete a throw
- extend the period by inserting another number (the number of objects) at the last possible valid position (e.g. 5353 becomes 53534)
- undo each step

The throw menu (click a number to get there) repeats the throw related operations but with an added ‘look before you leap’: each option shows what siteswap it will produce. It also gives a little more control:
- you can choose where to insert another throw, so for the insertion example above, 53453 becomes reachable.
- swapping. So for example swapping the first 3 of 333 by 2 places to get 531.

The siteswap menu (top right) does stuff to the whole siteswap:
- add object
- subtract object
- double (e.g. 534 becomes 534534)
- halve (e.g. 534534 becomes 534)
- dual
- time reverse
- showerify
- make one handed
- make two handed
- reset to default (333)

Each of those options only show up when they would produce a new and different siteswap and when the app can display that many characters.

Siteswap length is currently limited by screen width. On the smallest devices that’ll be 9 characters.

This first version requires iOS 11 or newer. If that’s too newfangled for anyone who would otherwise have wanted the app please tell me. iOS 11 is a nice limit for me because the code needs no OS version checks. But I can consider supporting some older versions if there’s demand.

The animator uses JMLib from good old JuggleMaster. Thanks for that to Ken Matsuoka, Per Johan Groland and Chunky Kibbles. Yes, the 1s are huge.

Mike Moore -

Club Congress starts today!

And looks like it has exactly the kind of schedule I look for in an online event. A bajillion workshops and some other stuff that spans 12 or more hours/day. I think it's time to borrow my wife's clubs and learn some moves.

Schedule here: https://www.clubmotionjuggling.com/schedule?fbclid=IwAR1qQGGQVqBkKqdoiUClxwv0nwwXfCZdket9FlVMAMtjG2ID4rqSbnC59iM

Sauro Salomoni -

My name is Sauro. I'm a juggler from Brazil, who is currently living in Tasmania, Australia.
I have been juggling on and off for about 15 years, and I'm planning to start training more seriously again. Meeting some local jugglers in Hobart would be great.

See you around.

7b_wizard - - Наверх

Hello & welcome, Sauro.

David Bremner - - Наверх

Hi Sauro, I am in Hobart also. Bit windy for clubs outside tonight :-)
Small world!


5balls -

Happy new year everybody!

I think this video of Françoise Rochais deserves more views (The Rai commentator is kind of annoying though):


Françoise Rochais has been a record holder for juggling batons (I think umbrellas as well but may be mistaken on this one and can't find any reference) for a very long time. I know of not many baton jugglers but I think they look very cool, especially when twirled.

Does anyone know about the "standard" geometry of batons if there is such a thing? It seems the ones Françoise Rochais uses seem to be weighted on just one end while in some sport twirling they seem to be weighted equally on both ends which would make quite a difference I suppose. Not sure if I'm going to get into this but if anyone juggles batons and has recommodations for good ones please share :). That is, if you can even buy them and don't make them yourself somehow.

Orinoco - - Наверх

Happy new year to you too!

Françoise is fantastic. I remember when she headlined the BJC in 2012. A true pro, she didn't put a foot wrong. How long has she been performing now? (Googles... 37 years) She still looks like she genuinely enjoys performing.

Looking at the batons Françoise uses at 3:49 looking at the stoppers at the 'handle' end they definitely look like the sort of stoppers you get on majorette batons. I would guess these are majorette batons with homemade weights tied to the bulb end.

Batons used by majorettes come in all sorts of sizes. The 'correct' length to use for spinning is supposed to match the length from your shoulder to the end of your middle finger. I only know this because we used to have a majorette visit us at TWJC. She often brought her baton along, it was too short for me to be easy to use but it was very nice for flourishes & twirling through your fingers. From vague memory it was a little heavier than a European style juggling club & was weighted equally at both ends with a rubber stopper. I believe majorette batons are pretty expensive but I remember the one I played with was a very high quality piece of kit.

Little Paul -

Looks like Gerry Cottle has packed his trunk and said goodbye to the circus


Cedric Lackpot - - Наверх

Lots of rather generous memories on FB (please sanitise your entire body after use) many of which agree that he was driven, opinionated, and also a thoroughly decent human being. He was certainly very sparky and fun to be around on the couple of occasions that I met him.

Here's The Grauniad's obituary - https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2021/jan/14/gerry-cottle-circus-showman-and-wookey-hole-caves-owner-dies-of-covid-aged-75

The Void - - Наверх

Ditto. :-(

bad1dobby -

I'm shutting down my YouTube channel
...in a couple of weeks, so if you want any of the vids, now's the time to grab them.


I think the juggling videos are pretty much all duplicated on my JTV account (same name), so they'll be there as long as JTV still exists.

Daniel Simu - - Наверх

Oh no! One of my favorite channels!
Any particular reason you're shutting it down?

Turbo 418 -

Turbo Fest ONLINE

A bit late, but not too late... for the unaware Turbo Fest will have a small presence on the internet for this year's festival.
All times are Quebec time (Eastern Standard Time). Show is at 7pm UTC.

Saturday January 9th (yup, right now!)
11 am - Workshop - Introduction to juggling (in French)
Midday - Workshop - Contact juggling with Thom Hardman (Bilingual)
2pm - TURBO SHOW! With a bunch of exclusive acts and lesser known performers.
3:30pm - Virtual chill-out after the show.

Sunday January 10th
2pm - Workshop - Bounce juggling siteswap with Nicolás Bustos Riquelme (English)
3pm - Workshop beginner hula-hoop with Maryeve Hula Gaudreau
4pm - Workshop intermediate hula-hoop again with Maryève.
Both of these are limited places private workshops, given in French, and must be signed-up for at info@turbo418.com

Turbo 418

Tufty - - Наверх

Just watched the show. Very nice.

Mïark -

Unfortunately no BJC in Perth this year.

For those not on facebook this was posted today on the BJC facebook page:
Ahoy a'bdy,
All of us at BJC headquarters hope that you are all keeping well, and that you’ve had a good festive season! We’d say, “Happy New Year,” but that might seem a bit hollow, given what we have to say...
...OK, here goes.
We did our best over here, but we’ve sadly had to make the absolutely gutting decision to cancel BJC Perth.
Although there is now a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, we're still acutely aware of the unpredictability of it all, and while we're absolutely itching for things to return to normal, we just can’t gamble on the likelihood of a 500 person week-long sleepover being permissible come July.
We’re sorry, and we’re sad. A lot of work has gone into this event, and we can’t quite believe that it has just evaporated before our eyes...
But, we’re trying to stay optimistic! The Ramsgate team are primed and ready to make a start on their plans for 2022, and we know it's going to be AWESOME!
Anyway, I’m going to have a small cry, watch some juggling videos, and think about all of my juggling pals who I can’t wait to see (when it’s safe).
Take care folks, we’ll all see each other again soon.
- Avril x


Cedric Lackpot - - Наверх

I feel like Avril and the team pulled the short straw on this ... and then got another bonus extra-short exploding straw filled with glass shards and angry bees, just to fuck with their heads. Two cancellations! That's tragic for you guys, I'm so very sorry you were the poor unfortunates to have to suck this up, but I congratulate you on making the pragmatic decision in a timely fashion, twice.

Dog knows when we will meet again but it would be a privilege to buy a beer for any and all of the Perth orgs if I ever get an opportunity.

Tufty - - Наверх

That sucks harder than electrolux, but it's understandable. Stay positive (but not COVID-positive), stay safe, and we'll all get back together when we get to the other side.

Orinoco -

Today's curiosity:

Albanian folk music using upside down plate spinning as musical percussion.


via @dusttodigital

Cedric Lackpot - - Наверх

Aaaaaand the top link is Polish spam. Mmm, spamsky, cheers Marvin.

Orinoco - - Наверх

It's a parked domain from the announcement of the German-Czech juggling meet so I'm prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

The current BJC domain is in the same boat for example: https://bjc2021.co.uk

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