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Give the developer a hug

If you see this person at a festival, put your arms around him and squeeze gently.

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Give the developer a bug

If you spot something that is broken, not working as expected or is otherwise incorrect please tell me about it. I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.

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If you run your own website place a link back to the Juggling Edge. I'm sure you already know how to do this but here is the obligatory code to copy & paste:

<a href="">The Juggling Edge</a>

Keep the data up to date

If you know about a juggling festival or a juggling club that we don't please add it to the database yourself or let me know.

If you attend a club that is already listed add yourself as a member and opt in to receive an alert when it needs verifying. Verification takes a couple of seconds and will help other jugglers to find you.

Need webhosting? Become a Juggling Edge referral

If you or someone you know is looking for a new webhost get them to sign up to Dreamhost using this link:

Dreamhost hosting is cheap and packed full of features. The support staff are human and very helpful too. I've asked lots of questions while building the Edge and each time I have had a prompt, specific and very helpful answer from a real person.

Dreamhost pays a bonus of 10% of all revenue generated from referrals which can be redeemed against hosting costs. So if you spend 10 monkeys on hosting Dreamhost will knock 1 monkey off the Edge's hosting bill.

Make a donation towards the webhosting bill

If you can spare some money these links allow you to make a donation in a variety of currencies via Paypal. Your donation will go directly towards this site's hosting bill.

Thank you for anything that you can do!