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16th International Juggling and Theatre Workshop ALEJE 2017

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Saturday, 2017-08-19 по Friday, 2017-08-25


Spalene Porici






16th International juggling and theatre žonglérská dílna ALEJEworkshop
/Spálené Poříčí, CZ/
19. – 25. 8. 2017

We would like to invite jugglers and everybody else who is interested in juggling, acrobatics and theatre, to participate in the 16th international Aleje 2017 workshop that will take place at the Spálené Poříčí castle again!

A unique, original German juggler and performer with many crazy ideas MATTHIAS ROMIR will be the main instructor of ALEJE 2017. He will introduce us into his unconventional attitude to performing and juggling, especially with balls and clubs (and much more…).

Traditionally, additional workshops of theatre, movement, juggling or relaxation will be offered by KUFR theatre, alias Adela Kratochvilova and Dasha Heiland Travnikova.
We also hope that our pantography (mime + photography) specialist Franz Bauer from Germany and his dear colleague Liza will come again. Usually many workshops are also offered spontaneously by Aleje participants every year :-)

ALEJE 2017 takes place at the Spálení Poříčí castle near Pilsen (GPS: 49.6146222N, 13.6062631E) and traditionally precedes the 23rd Czech-German juggling convention in Waldmünchen, Germany.

For Aleje workshop participants we arrange a bus transport to Waldmünchen, as well as for those, who will not participate at Aleje – we plan to arrange the bus on Friday, on the route Brno – Prague – Pilsen – Waldmünchen (and back on Sunday).

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