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Winter Juggling Convention 2016

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Friday, 2016-02-26 по Sunday, 2016-02-28


Gravin van Schönbornlaan 4 6431 Hoensbroek





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Чемпионат "Битва на булавах"


Already the 15th edition of the Winter Juggling Convention will take place again in Hoensbroek (Heerlen). Is it possible to again exceed the number of jugglers just like last editions (186)?

Like always you can expect an international show, big buffet for breakfast and dinner, swimming with a lot of jugglers, intense fight night (250 points), soup and waffles before you leave on sunday and of course a lot of juggle friends!

The trip to the south of the Netherlands can start again in Februari so already save the date in your agenda!

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