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"Passing Under The Radar" Open Workshop Day

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Sunday, 2014-11-02, 14:00 по 21:00


Robyn Webster Sports Centre, Tempe Recreation Reserve, Holbeach Avenue, Tempe, Marrickville, Sydney, 2044



Sydney will be hosting a dozen of Australia's best pass-juggling experts in November, which is a good excuse for an Open Workshop Day.

Anyone who can pass balls or clubs, or is ready to learn how, is invited for the one-day juggling convention focused entirely on pass juggling.

There will be workshops held throughout the day - well, half-day! - and plenty of time to practise into the night.

Workshops are expected to include: Beginner, Begintermediate, Stealing, Roundabouts, Moving Patterns, 7-Club Variations, Patterns that hurt the brain, Big Patterns, Notations - whatever there is demand for.

This is not a full juggling convention; No shows. No games. No camping. No poi, diabolo, unicycles, hoops or even solo juggling. Just passing, under the radar of Sydney International Airport.

p.s. Remember to bring food!

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