Hi All, my first post here.

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koahfong -

Hi All, my first post here. Thank you Orinoco for the invite.
I am from Singapore and have been enjoying juggling since the 1980s.
Hope to catch up on what's happening in the juggling world. Cheers!

Tufty - - Наверх


The Void - - Наверх

Hey, welcome aboard!

7b_wizard - - Наверх

How d'you do, koahfong.

Orinoco - - Наверх

Welcome Koah Fong. Are you still involved with the Singapore jugglers? I remember you from the late 90s/early 00s, back in the days of personal homepages when the web was exciting & new!

Yuri - - Наверх

Hey, how is going on Singapur now about juggling? Nice welcome.


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