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Cid -

Introduction :)

Hi, I'm Cid
a French Human who juggled a bit when in my teenage years (devil stick mainly). I remembered these times fondly as it felt extremely rewarding through the constant progress.

I m not a teenager anymore, and the devil stick isn t really a thing for me anymore, I ve started to juggle balls at the beginning of October, to chase that particular feeling again and the joy it brought me.
I practice everyday, no matter what, sometimes just 5 minutes.

Happy to be part of this website / community :)

7b_wizard - - Наверх

hey ho & welcome, Cid! .. that's a nice story with that feeling an' all, and choosing against devilsticking. I wonder what all else might be comparable on that behalf .. multiple boomerangs, .. clubs juggling (also have handles), .. twirling .. (?)

Tufty - - Наверх

Salut et bienvenu, etre humain francais.

S'entrainer tous les jours est un tres bon facon d'avancer vite, mais on peut vite se trouver bloqué aussi; si possible, trouver des clubs de jonglage dans ta region* et s'echanger avec des autres aussi de temps en temps.

3 balles, c'est genial. Jonglage en etat pur.

* apres que cette histore de covid est passé, bien sur - pour l'instant c'est chaud a organiser les cours ou ateliers.

The Void - - Наверх

Welcome, Cid,
Today I'm going to do my first bit of juggling this year. The fun is always there for anyone who returns to it!
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