Don't worry, Bungay Balls Up is definitely happening.

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Monte -

Don't worry, Bungay Balls Up is definitely happening.
Coming of age at 21 years old.

I was on BBC Radio Suffolk today being interviewed about it.
Juggling slot starts at 1hr 9 mins.

The best bit was the panic when the presenter dropped a satsuma on the mixing desk and wasn't sure what she had turned off.
You can also hear a loud clunk at one point when I hit myself on the head with a club. LOL.

Monte - - Наверх

Just read the link.
''All the usual splendidness: 24-hr big top, on-site catering, loos, showers, sauna, games-a-go-go, comfy chairs, croquet, a sky for throwing things up into, oodles of outdoor space, buttercups, the occasional passing wildlife, a great locale with loads of nearby attractions to visit. Show on the second Saturday, hopefully a return of Fight Night on the second Sunday. And anything you care to add.''

I must say, I'm particularly looking forward to watching people ''passing wildlife''.

The Void - - Наверх

"I've told you before, stop tomahawking the egrets. They don't like it!"

Cedric Lackpot - - Наверх

🎵 Egrets, I've had a few ... 🎵

Monte - - Наверх

I must accept some responsibility for people passing wildlife.
My venison stew was popular though.

The Void - - Наверх

Good job, Monte. I'm a bit surprised you managed to go the whole thing without mentioning trebuchets though.

Is this really the first thread on this year's BBU? We're slacking, obviously.
All the usual excellent stuff is planned, and with several other conventions missing or time-shifted this year, that's all the more reason for you all to make the effort to head to Suffolk this May. See you all in a field!

Monte - - Наверх

I didn't really get much time to talk about what we get up to at the Balls Up. No croquet, ping pong, board games or medieval siege weapons got a mention.
TBH, I don't think it will actually get us any new faces at this year's convention anyway. I'll try to remember to get Georgy to give us a plug nearer the time though.
Hopefully, some of the Broxford regulars will show up this year as they have no other full-length convention to go to. Be nice to see some of the old faces turn up.

Monte - - Наверх

Hmm, I may come to regret the confidence with which I stated BBU is definitely happening...

Danny Colyer - - Наверх

You'll just have to make sure everyone stays at least 2m apart at all times. Constant enforced use of hula hoops should help.

Richard Loxley - - Наверх

The hot tub is probably smaller than 2 metres diameter. A new policy of one out, one in? But we might need to make sure the water is over 60% alcohol to sanitise it :-)

In seriousness, discussions are currently ongoing on the helpers group to ensure the event is safe for all.

One possibility is changing the date to later in the year - this looks likely to be possible without affecting the viability of the event. Many thanks to all the helpers researching the possibilities and talking to our suppliers.

No decision has been reached yet - I think we'll all be monitoring the situation over the next couple of weeks, and seeing what the official advice is, to see what would be the best overall solution.

Monte - - Наверх

We are considering moving it to the beginning of September. One possible slot is 5th - 13th, It is still under discussion but we hope to make an announcement by the end of the month.

Danny Colyer - - Наверх

I really like that idea, because it means I'm more likely to be able to go.


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