If there was a massive apocalyptic event, eg an asteroid or solar explosion…

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pumpkineater23 -

If there was a massive apocalyptic event, eg an asteroid or solar explosion that vaporised everything on Earth, and few humans managed to survive and then over a few thousand years or so, new civilizations emerged. What would be the best way to leave them a record of where jugging is in 2020? The Egyption wall paintings don't really give away much, other than they were juggling three balls. I assume digital info would be lost? Do you think some kind of wall painting/scribing? Encase books in some kind of material? How would you lay everything out so it could most easily be learned?

Orinoco - - Наверх

Did you watch Doctor Who yesterday by any chance ;)

Are you aware of the Memory of Mankind project? Perhaps we could get the Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling inscribed on some tablets.

pumpkineater23 - - Наверх

I didn't see it. Last time I saw Dr Who Tom Baker was the Doctor!

I just looked at the MOM website - yes that's exactly what I was asking! Apparently the material will preserve for a million years. As I understand it, The Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling was printed in 1994. Is there a more up-to-date book I wonder? Juggling has progressed so much over the past 30 years.

Daniel Simu - - Наверх

All this progress has been recorded in video format...

Mïark - - Наверх

Are you tying to deny the apocalypse survivors the opportunity to be the first in many juggling things and be happy thinking they have discovered new tricks in juggling

david - - Наверх

Cuneiform tablets have the best demonstrated survival time and are relatively easy to make at home.


pumpkineater23 - - Наверх

Interesting. I was imagining the laborious process of chipping away at stone but of course, it could just be soft clay. Simple diagrams would be best I think? Two 'hands' and balls, similar looking to a siteswap animator. I like the idea of a kind of juggling stonehenge in the middle of a desert (that would remain above sea level).


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