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Thought of the Day

Today, I had the thought - like it were my own, but it isn't - that ..

.. ..   ..  for improving, you have to take risks.

It's nothing new, though, and appears as "leaving your comfort zone" [ e.g. Bear Grylls ] in order to 'grow', ripen, develop, evolve, conquer new horizons, get past your limits(!).

I had that thought on the occasion of my today's good phase for 9b flashing about to begin, when, trying to launch to keep the pattern near myself ( no throws ahead - one current issue among others ) blundered into only like two-three gathers ( which isn't at all too rare ) with great spread and a ball or two going behind me.
Such attempts, and balls going behind me out of control, even out of sight, would normally urge to throw further ahead again ( and never behind me ), but such attempts are what bring me to better control over my frontplane, so they're what I need to 'risk', sacrificing an erroneous feeling of control by having all balls within my visual range, and indeed blundering at first, but just like that then finding into better form, posture, way of doing,.

Innumerous other examples can be found, e.g. 'risking' to do too wide and out of reach when exploring your controllable range of width, e.g. 'risking' to get hit by a club in passing or combat, focussing on in that moment a wrong thing ( but then maybe is part of learning a right timing ), generally 'risking' to lose control when trying sth new, ..

But not any learning in general works necessarily like that, .. some things allow for no error, no risk at all, some can be learned without risking anything and simply doing it all right right from the beginning.

[ I'm not sure if this is an insight' tht leads anywhere or just futile 'gibberish' .. I'll drop it here anyway :o) .. ] #ThoughtOfTheDay #learningTheory


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