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Please do not attend any gathering until your country's social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

Жонглерские мероприятия - France‎ 2009

СобытиеДата началаДнейСтрана
7ème Hopla Convention2009-05-294France‎
Passe la Balle2009-05-294France‎
18ème rencontre des Fous de la Jongle2009-06-053France‎
3ème convention 2009-06-053France‎
Nã Rôhzo juggling convention2009-06-123France‎
Convention Regionale de Jonglerie de Carvin2009-07-225France‎
Tartajongle (les bains)2009-08-283France‎
10ème convention Le Jongleur est dans le Pré2009-09-183France‎
hoop dance workshop2009-11-261France‎
hoop dance workshop2009-12-191France‎

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